Solus 4.3 | A Refined And Polished Distro

Solus have just released an update to their fortitude series of distributions bringing them up to version 4.3. Solus is an independent distribution that introduced their flagship desktop of Budgie which was also adopted by Ubuntu for an official spin.

Budgie is tightly integrated with the GNOME stack and and Solus 4.3 uses the latest version of Budgie which is 10.5.3. The version of GNOME it’s shipped with is 40.2. There are a number of fixes and quality of life improvements for Budgie in this release which you can read about here. Solus 4.3 ships with the Linux Kernel version 5.13.1 which supports a broader range of hardware such as the latest AMD graphics cards and PS5 controller support.

I took the time to install both their GNOME version and Budgie to see how this new release performs. Solus continues to produce a highly polished and intuitive distribution regardless of the desktop you choose. They’re still using X11 by default which means if using their GNOME version you won’t be able to take full advantage of the native touchpad gestures designed for Wayland.

As well as their GNOME and Budgie versions they also offer MATE and Plasma which you can download here.

What do you think of Solus? Let me know in the comments below!

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