BunsenLabs Lithium Is Now Available

BunsenLabs have just released their latest stable edition of their Debian based distribution, Lithium. Now based on Debian 10 it uses the floating window manager Openbox. It’s a light and highly customizable distribution that has a good user experience out of the box. The installation process was quick and easy and took roughly 5 minutes from start to finish on my desktop. Once you boot into your freshly installed system you’ll be greeted with a rather handy ‘Welcome script. The welcome script will guide you adding extra repositories and installing additional software.

The package selection is decent and should have applications to cover most users needs. It features the Tint2 panel which is positioned at the bottom of the screen to manage running application windows. The default theming is nice and the overall desktop has a nice minimal feel to it. Watch the video above to watch me run through the installation process and give some general first impressions of BunsenLabs Lithium. If you would like to learn more about BunsenLabs Lithium click here to read the release notes. What do you think about BunsenLabs Lithium? Let me know in the comments below!

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