BunsenLabs Lithium Is Now Available

BunsenLabs have just released their latest stable edition of their Debian based distribution, Lithium. Now based on Debian 10 it uses the floating window manager Openbox. It’s a light and highly customizable distribution that has a good user experience out of the box. The installation process was quick and easy and took roughly 5 minutes from start to finish on my desktop. Once you boot into your freshly installed system you’ll be greeted with a rather handy ‘Welcome script. The welcome script will guide you adding extra repositories and installing additional software.

The package selection is decent and should have applications to cover most users needs. It features the Tint2 panel which is positioned at the bottom of the screen to manage running application windows. The default theming is nice and the overall desktop has a nice minimal feel to it. Watch the video above to watch me run through the installation process and give some general first impressions of BunsenLabs Lithium. If you would like to learn more about BunsenLabs Lithium click here to read the release notes. What do you think about BunsenLabs Lithium? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “BunsenLabs Lithium Is Now Available

  • 4 January 2021 at 12:01 am

    I have been running BunsenLabs Lithium pre release version for 6 months.
    It was said to be ready to install and run… well, it sort of was.

    I run LENOVO M91s and BL Lithium would not install because of some chip
    There is/was no fix for this, I know this because I went to the BL forum for
    help. This problem MAY have been corrected by now.

    HOWEVER I installed BL Lithium on a 128gb USB drive with persistance. This
    allows the USB drive to act like the machine drive and persistance saves the
    added items like a regular drive.

    At startup you boot from the USB drive and it loads and runs.
    You get a very good looking screen with information the the right top of the screen.
    Another thing I like is the right click for menu options, that is so convenient you
    will wonder why it was not created before.

    The file manager does not come ready to go. out of the box the file manager is
    irratic and difficult to use until you go inside PREFERENCES and change BEHAVIOR
    to “Double Click to activate items”. Then the file manager calms down and lets you
    do your work.

    BL Lithium is fast, clean and comes with all the utilities you may need working
    out of the box. You can add what items that may not be included, that you
    need to work with, including games which won’t slow down the operating system.

    The program is very intuitive, easy, fast and responsive.
    If you have been using a slower ubuntu op system, this one will seem much
    faster in response time.

    Running from the USB drive can be a security plus for you. You can also take
    the USB drive to use on any other computer. Using the USB drive,
    you can run the computer WITHOUT a normal hard drive on the mother board.
    The USB takes all the info.

    One quick note about adding Games. Out of the box, BL Lithium has no Icon
    for GAMES as no games are included.
    Depending on which games you add, you may NOT have a Games icon on the menu,
    but you can call up the games through the terminal.
    Some games will automatically install the Game Icon during installation and you can
    select as easily as with any other Linux Op Sys.

    I find using BL Lithium Op Sys is a great experience and does everything quickly and
    easily. I recommend you all give BL Lithium a try.

    • 9 January 2021 at 3:34 pm

      I wanted to leave a quick update to my post about BusenLabs Lithium.
      I had commented that it would not install in an earlier version. This is STILL THE CASE with
      the release. It stalls during network installation on the Lenovo M91p desk top.
      Forum responds that a chip in the desktop is stopping the install and there is no current fix.
      — another concern that I need to clarify is running from a USB drive.
      You can install BusenLabs Lithium to a thumb drive with RUFUS. Its not hard and you set the
      size of persistance you need on the drive. However, out of the box, BS Lithium does not
      see the persistance and will ignore it. If it cannot be installed, and persistance is not activated, you cannot make any changes to the program nor add any apps as they will be gone when the op sys is shut down.
      The forum says you can dig deeper and with help of a lot of commands to terminal, should get
      persistance going but it is easier to install MX Linux which is persistance friendly.
      — Busen Labs Lithium is a great program and I would have moved to it as a main op Sys if it’
      were not for the inability to install on my desktops and the persistance failure.
      — Your experience may be better depending on the computer you use.
      This is not hate mail folks. I really, REALLY like BS Lithium Op Sys. I just can’t use it on my machines.
      And I do recommend this distro. It has a great feel.

      • 25 August 2021 at 2:03 am

        sudo dd if=path/to/img of=/path/to/usb/drive
        to make a bootable usb, it works every time for me.


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