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Nitrux is a Linux distribution that I’ve been a big fan of for quite some time. It’s a Debian based distribution that originally started out with an Ubuntu base. Nitrux ships one of the most attractive and consistent Plasma desktops around. It uses openRC as its init system and BTRFS as the default file system. A unique feature of Nitrux that separates from other Linux distributions is the focus on AppImages as the primary way to distribute applications.

They’ve just released an update which brings us up to version 1.6.0.  Some of the new features of this release include ; 

  • KDE Plasma updated to 5.22.4
  • Firefox updated to 91.0.2
  • Heroic Games Launcher updated to 1.9.2
  • LibreOffice Updated to
  • Mauikit updated to 2.0.1
  • New touchpad gestures (X11 only)
  • MACsimize KWin script
  • ForceBlur Kwin Script
  • NX Software Center

And a whole lot more! Click here to learn more about the new features of Nitrux 1.6.0 from the release announcement. 

Out of all the new features of this release perhaps the most important is the new NX Software Center. As Nitrux has a primary focus on AppImages users will expect a quick, easy and intuitive way to install new applications. This is where the new NX Software Center comes. Users will be able to launch this software centre to search for and install new AppImages and integrate them within the system with just a couple of clicks. AppImages installed via the NX Software Center will be stored in an ‘Applications’ folder in your home directory. You will then of course be able to launch them from your application menu and Krunner. This is a very welcome new addition to Nitrux and makes it a whole lot easier for users old and new to install new applications with minimal effort.

All in all I’m very impressed with this new update to Nitrux and will be more than happy to recommend it to someone looking for a fun, modern and attractive operating system. What do you think of Nitrux? Let me know in the comments below!

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