Fedora 36 | New Features

The wait is now over! The highly anticipated Fedora 36 has finally been released after it was initially delayed. This release focuses on bringing users a very smooth and polished desktop experience that ‘just works’. For the most part, it does! Read below for some of the standout new features of this release;


  • Linux Kernel 5.17
  • Podman 4.0
  • Ruby 3.1
  • Golang 1.18
  • PHP 8.1
  • Wayland by default for NVIDIA’s proprietary graphics driver


  • GNOME UI Refinements
  • GTK4 + Libadwaita
  • System-wide dark mode
    • This is a much needed addition to Fedora. Distributions like Ubuntu have been ahead of Fedora in this department for quite some time allowing users to easily switch between light and dark themes in the settings. Fedora can now switch between light and dark modes effortlessly and it will also change the colour tones of the wallpaper to give you a polished and consistent look!
  • New folder icons in files
  • Screenshot Tool
    • The new screenshot tool will let you take screenshots or recordings of specific windows or areas. There are also handy keyboard shortcuts.
      ”S” = Select area, “C” = Capture screen, “W” = Capture window, “P” = Show/hide pointer, “V” = Screenshot/recording, “Enter” “Space” “Ctrl + C” = Capture.
  • Upgraded Apps
    • Many of the core GNOME apps such as Settings, Software, Calculator etc have been ported to GTK4 and libadwaita. There are more apps still in the process of being ported.
  • Gedit replaced with GNOME’s new Text Editor
  • New terminal for GNOME called ‘Console’
    • By default Fedora still uses gnome-terminal but Console is available in the repositories and can be installed with; sudo dnf install gnome-console.
  • Videos media controls in notification centre
  • RDP in settings
    • Unlike Ubuntu it doesn’t have a fallback legacy VNC option in the settings. This will need to be manually setup by the user.
  • Upgrades to Boxes preference view and improved support for UEFI OS

To read more about the new features in Fedora 36 click here and to check out the release notes for GNOME 42 click here.

What do you think of Fedora 36? Let me know in the comments below!

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