CyberOS | An Interesting New Arch Based Distro

CyberOS is a relatively new Linux distribution that before today I wasn’t all that familiar with. It’s based on Arch which follows the rolling release model and is built with Qt quick. At the time of writing there isn’t a whole lot of information to go off on their website so I didn’t waste no time getting this installed. The ISO size for CyberOS was around 1.5GB.

Installation was quick and painless using Calamares to install to disk. It gives you the option of how to configure your swap partition including swap with hibernate. It also has a step where you can choose which packages to be included in your install including drivers such as AMD, Nvidia etc.

Once the installation is complete you’re greeted with a beautiful desktop that somewhat resembles deepin. It had a single dock which by default is at the bottom of your screen which includes your system tray, task list and application launcher. CyberOS uses transparency and blue effects that give the desktop a modern touch. It had a nice square icon theme with rounded corners and you can switch between light and dark themes. Out of the box you won’t find a whole lot of applications installed such as media players and office suites so you’ll have to install them yourself.

The default display server is X11 and on a fresh boot my system was using just 551MB RAM making it a lot lighter than the more popular distributions. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t quite get hibernation to work on my machine but your mileage might vary.

For a first look is was really quite impressed with CyberOS as it currently stands but wouldn’t suggest installing it as your daily driver just yet. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this distribution as it develops and hope to have it on the channel again in the future.

What do you think of CyberOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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