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Archcraft is a minimal Linux distribution built on top of Arch. It aims to be a lightweight system that is easy on the eyes. To achieve this it avoids heavy desktop environments and only focuses on window managers. The default window manager it uses is Openbox which has been beautifully preconfigured. It uses Polybar as the panel and Rofi for menus and applets. The default look is stunning but you aren’t tied to just one style. With a simple right click on the desktop you can select ‘Change Styles’ from the menu. Here you will be able completely transform the look and feel of your system with each style having its own unique look. Another benefit of Archcraft as that it doesn’t only ship with one window manager. From the login in screen you can also select a bspwm session which has also been preconfigured and is ready to go.

It’s built on top of a pure Arch base to deliver a true Arch experience. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the installation method. The Archcraft installer guides you through a series of steps to get an Arch based distro up and running on your machine. It works flawlessly with options for automatic partitioning but it just felt a little bit long winded.

Once installation is complete you’ll be up and running and ready to go. Archcraft includes the AUR helper ‘yay’ to give users more options when it comes to installing new applications. Archcraft doesn’t over do it with the pre-installed applications to keep things light and minimal out of the box. It ships with the lightweight web browser Midori so if you’re like me you’ll want to install something more full featured like Firefox. On their website they claim Archcraft only takes up 200MB of memory but in my experience it ranged from 330-400MB

Overall I really enjoyed my little run through of Archcraft and liked it a lot more than I originally expected to. If you’re someone who likes a minimal Arch based system that is all setup out of the box Archcraft might be worth checking out.

What do you think of Archcraft? Let me know in the comments below!

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