Zorin OS 16 | A Brilliant Distro For All Users

The popular Ubuntu based distribution Zorin has announced the availability of the beta for their latest version. Zorin OS 16 a beautifully designed distribution with many new features in this release. Now based on Ubuntu 20.04 Zorin will be supported until 2025. The core version of Zorin features a modified version of the GNOME desktop. 

Some of the new features of Zorin OS 16 include;

A Refined Theme

The default theme for Zorin OS is an attractive and well polished theme which perfectly ties in with the rest of the desktop. Out of the box it uses the white variant of the theme but this can easily be changed to their dark variant using ‘Zorin Appearance’. As well as manually changing the theme when you fancy a change you can also set it to a custom schedule or have it change automatically depending on the time of day.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Zorin OS 16 sports a brand new pack of attractive wallpapers that blend in perfectly with the desktop and don’t look out of place. Your default wallpaper will also change automatically throughout different times of the day.

Performance Improvements

The team over at Zorin have had performance as one of their main focuses of this release. The desktop should now run significantly faster wether your hardware is old or new on a ‘wide range of hardware’. Performance improvements and optimisations have been made from the Kernel to the desktop environment itself. This should mean faster app loading times, smoother animations and less time waiting around for things to load.

Flathub Out Of The Box

Zorin OS 16 makes installation new applications easier than ever. It now includes the Flathub repository out of the box. Along with the plugins required for GNOME software you can now search for and install Flatpak applications as well as Snap applications and native applications all from one place.

There are many more new features and improvements in this release of Zorin OS 16. If you would like to read more about what’s new click here to read the release announcement. 

During my time with the beta version I was very impressed with how everything has come together. I think Zorin do a brilliant job at making a fun, attractive and stable distribution for all users regardless of how long they’ve been using Linux. When the final release comes round I’ll do a full review including their Ultimate edition but for now I definitely recommend those that are interested to spin up the beta and see what they think.

What do you think of Zorin OS 16? Let me know in the comments below!

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