Fedora 34 | GNOME 40 Is Amazing

Fedora have just released the latest beta of their main version featuring GNOME as well as all of their different spins. Some of the main features of this release are of course the much anticipated GNOME 40, BTRFS transparent compression, switching over to Pipewire from PulseAudio, a better OOM (out of memory) experience by enabling systemd-oomd by default and more. Click here to read the release announcement to learn more about this release. Fedora now also comes in a new spin featuring i3 making this their first foray into a tiling window manager. Fedora’s Plasma spin also receives some attention this release and now uses Wayland by default.

I downloaded and installed their flagship version which has an ISO size of around 1.9/2GB. Having fallen out of love with previous versions of GNOME I was excited to see if GNOME 40 could rekindle my appreciation for this desktop environment. To cut a long story short, I think GNOME 40 is brilliant. I like the new way of multi tasking and the switch from vertical workspaces to horizontal. This feels more natural to me and makes it an easier transition from another desktop environment. Managing multiple workspaces and application windows on GNOME 40 feels fun and more fluid. The touchpad gestures are also incredibly smooth with the animations following the movement of your fingers very closely.

While this is still only a beta release I haven’t experienced any problems using it and everything feels very snappy and solid. You still still remember this is a beta release and the final release of Fedora 34 is expected to land around late April.

What do you think of Fedora 34 with GNOME 40? Let me know in the comments below!

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