Netrunner | A Finely Tuned KDE Distribution

Netrunner is a Debian based Linux distribution that focuses exclusively on KDE. They’ve just released a new version bringing us up to version 21.01 “XOXO”. This latest version ships with an updated Debian base, 10.7. The version of KDE that it ships with is 5.14.5. Netrunner 21.01 ships with the kernel version 5.9.15.

They offer two ISOs on their website which are “Desktop” and “Core”. The “Desktop” version includes most of the applications a user will need out of the box and is intended for everyday use. Their “Core” version is a slimmed down version intended to be used as a base to build upon or for lower spec hardware.

Netrunner features some fine tuning to KDE such as simplifying areas of the System Settings, a unified look for KDE and GTK applications and more. To read more about the this click here.

Installation is taken care of via Calamares and I was up and running in under 10 minutes on my machine. Once you’re fully installed you’re left with a clean and well polished KDE setup. One thing that I was happy to see included out of the box was the AppImageLauncher. This makes it easy to automatically integrate AppImages into your system and make them feel more like native applications. Installing new native applications can be done via Plasma Discover or Synaptic. Snap and Flatpak support isn’t included out of the box.

If you would like to know more about Netrunner 21.01 click here to read the release notes.

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