Peux OS | An Attractive New XFCE Distribution

For the past few days I’ve been on a hunt for new and interesting Linux distributions to check out on my YouTube channel. It wasn’t until today when I noted a newly added distribution to DistroWatch’s waiting list called Peux OS or POS.

Peux OS is a new Linux distribution that is based on the popular rolling release distribution Arch Linux. The default desktop that Peux OS uses is a highly customised XFCE however they also offer other ISOs with either GNOME or LXQt. As XFCE is the main focus of this distribution I decided to download it and check things out.

Installation is quick and easy using the Calamares installer and gives you the option of which office suit to install and I opted for the LibreOffice fresh selection. Once i’d got through all of the usual steps like setting my keyboard layout and user accounts installation was complete on my system in under 5 minutes.

Upon booting up for the first time I noticed Calamares didn’t correctly set my choice of auto logging and was planted straight at the login screen. Aside from that everything was setup as to be expected. One of the features of this distribution is that it uses BTRFS as its default file system and enables auto snap shotting when you perform system upgrades. The out of the box look and configuration of XFCE is one of the nicest looking implementations I’ve seen in a while. It features two panels with the one at the top being Polybar and the one at the bottom being a Tint2 panel. It has a nice dark theme installed out of the box called Kimi and one of my favourite icon packs Tela. 

The default file manager was a bit of a surprise for me as usually on an XFCE distribution Thunar takes this spot. On Peux your default file manager is Nautilus, more commonly found on GNOME.

Another interesting feature out of the box is that it aims to be a beautiful yet secure distribution. To achieve that secure feeling it features applications that allow you to sandbox applications and surf the internet using the Tor browser. Peux also uses Fish as it’s default shell over something like Bash or zsh. 

All in all I’m quite impressed with this new distribution and will be keeping an eye on it’s development to see how it progresses.

What do you think of Peux OS? Let me know in the comments below!

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