JingOS | iPadOS Clone For Linux

JingOS is an Ubuntu based distribution that aims to be the worlds first ‘iPadOS like’ Linux distribution. They currently have a preview image available for download that is roughly 2.5GB in size but requires an email address to download. Currently the only officially supported devices are the Surface Pro 6 and the Huawei Matebook 14. As it’s designed to be an iPadOS like operating system the main interface has been designed for devices with touch based inputs. At the moment it isn’t able to actually complete an installation at least on any devices I tested it with.

In the video above i’m running the live environment natively on my laptop so I was able to touch out the built in touchpad gestures. Upon booting up for the first time you’ll instantly be reminded of operating systems designed for touch screen devices like the iPad. All of your installed applications are spread across your home screens and open up in a full screen view. They have their own applications installed out of the box as well as some other familiar Linux applications like WPS office.

Although this is intended to me a mobile like operating system as it’s based on Ubuntu full fledged desktop Linux applications will work as expected. The system settings are borrowed directly from KDE Plasma and the version of KDE running in the background is 5.20.2. It’s application store appears to be using the standard Plasma Discover you’ll find on most KDE desktops.

Overall I think this is an interesting direction for a Linux distribution to go in and i’ll keep a close eye on its development as it progresses. What do you think of JingOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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