Garuda Linux Wayfire | A Fun And Customizable Distribution

Garuda Linux is an Arch based distribution that focus on performance and ease of use. It uses BTRFS as it’s default file system and comes preinstalled with Timeshift to utilise full system snapshots. I’ve previously taken a look at their LXQt and KDE versions but this time we are focusing on their version i’ve been excited to check out, Wayfire. Garuda Linux Wayfire is a little different to some of the other desktops on offer from Garuda. Wayfire is a 3D Wayland compositor and takes inspiration from Compiz. It’s based on wlroots and aims to be a lightweight and easy customised environment.

Installation was quick and pain free using the Calamares installer and was finished in a matter of minutes. Once you reach the desktop you’re greeted with a simple and attractive two panel set up with one panel at the bottom which houses your application launcher, some quick launch application icons, running tasks, volume icon and clock. The top panel has a few widgets to display things like system information, weather and your power button. The installation features a good mix of applications out of the box that should be enough for most users to get up and running. You can of course add more applications you require using the “Add or Remove Software” application.

Overall this is a distribution I’m going to keep an eye on and play with a little bit more off camera. It feels different to what I usually feature on the channel and is a lot of fun to fiddle around with. One thing that did surprise me is the amount of RAM this was using on a fresh reboot at around 900MB which is quite high when you consider it’s ‘lightweight’ description. I definitely recommend trying this distribution out if you haven’t before.

What do you think of Garuda Linux Wayfire? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Garuda Linux Wayfire | A Fun And Customizable Distribution

  • 27 December 2020 at 8:20 pm

    The distro looks very interesting but wayfire looks fantastic. Looks better than most DE:s. Thanks for promoting Wayland.


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