Ubuntu Web Remix | An Alternative To Chrome OS

Ubuntu Web Remix is a new remix of Ubuntu based on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, 20.04.1. It’s brought to us by the same developer that brought us the Ubuntu Unity Remix which I am very fond of, Rudra B Saraswat. The main focus of this new remix is to provide users a privacy focused open-source alternative to Google’s Chrome OS. The desktop environment it uses is a slimmed down version of GNOME featuring the ‘Dash to Panel’ extension to give a more traditional panel and task bar at the bottom of the screen. Applications wise you won’t find a whole lot installed out of the box as for the most part you’ll be using web applications as opposed to fully blown desktop applications. The web browser that will be tying this all together is Firefox.

Some of the features of this release are ;

  • A new web-app format called ‘wapp’
  • A web application store
  • Integration with the /e/ cloud services
  • Android App support via Anbox

From my initial early impressions this could potentially mature into a viable alternative to Chrome OS but it isn’t there yet. I like the idea of the cloud service integration via the /e/ services which gives you a free 5GB plan and utilities Nextcloud to deliver you features such as email, tasks, calendar, file storage etc. You can easily add integration with the cloud service in the native file manager application which is Nautilus via WebDAV. I also like the idea of the web App Store though at the moment it’s quite empty off applications but hopefully the catalogue grows as this distribution matures. In order to to fully rival the likes of Chrome OS I think it does need to include some form of online office suite to replace the likes of Google Docs.

Overal I think it’s an interesting idea for a distribution that I would be happy to recommend to those looking for something light and tightly intergrated with web based applications once the project gets off it’s feet. What do you think of Ubuntu Web Remix? Let me know in the comments below!

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