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Feren OS have just released their latest snapshot to their user friendly distribution bringing us to version 2020.11 It’s a beautifully designed distribution that uses the KDE desktop environment. Installation is incredibly quick and pain free and should be complete in 5-10 minutes on most computers. It includes all of the packages most users should need to get them started and even includes a desktop layout switcher to transform your desktops look and feel to other popular operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows and even Ubuntu Unity. Many other distributions out their offer similar ways of doing this but Feren OS does it better than most of the others that I’ve tried.

Some of the new features of this release include ;

  • Redesigned theming 
  • New accent colours
  • New default font, Inter
  • A new Tour 
  • Ubuntu 20.04 base

To learn more about the latest changes and new features in this November snapshot click here to read the release announcement.The new Tour which will be replacing the Welcome Screen will be very useful for new Linux users to get acclimatised to the desktop and also allows you to quickly change desktop layouts and themes. The included Software Store for installing new applications is fast and easy to use and has flatpak support out of the box and can fetch applications from the Flathub repository. For a more detailed way to manage your packages it also includes the Synaptic package manager.

The default web browser is Vivaldi but Feren has a nifty little program that allows you to install additional web browsers. It even includes a version of Chromium that is borrowed from Debian and saves you having to use the Snap version if you prefer having it as a native package.Overall I’m very happy with this latest snapshot and would happily recommend it to people regardless of their level of Linux experience. It’s a beautifully designed distribution that’s easy to use and includes a good default set of applications. It’s one of only a very few distributions that I don’t feel the need to instantly download additional themes and icons and manipulate the way it acts.

What do you think of Feren OS? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Nice review many thanks


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