Ubuntu Unity 20.10 | Still The Best Desktop Environment

The Unity desktop from Ubuntu has always been a desktop that has resonated with me. It was the first desktop environment that I really fell in love with and kept me from switching back to Windows. So when Ubuntu decides to drop it as its flagship desktop and switch over to GNOME I was rather disappointed. Since the switch it’s still been possible to install as all of the Unity packages remained in the repositories where they stayed dormant for quite some time. That was until a young developer by the name of Rudra B. Saraswat liked the Unity desktop so much he decided to create his own spin with Unity at the helm.

I first tried it out when it was first announced and still in the beta period. It’s now matured into a sleek little distribution of its own. I took a look at their 20.10 release which features a never Kernel version, 5.8 a switch to the default theme now using Arc-Darker and it now includes the Compizconfig-settings-manager, various bug fixes and more. To check out the release notes click here.

Every time I use Unity I’m hit with an initial sense of nostalgia. After that nostalgic feeling fades I’m reminded of just how good the Unity desktop really is. The HUD is truly a work of beauty and really enhances my workflow. You also have the ever useful global menu which makes accessing the settings off applications a lot easier and more convenient.

What do you think of Ubuntu Unity 20.10? Let me know in the comments below!

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