Lubuntu 20.10 | Installation and First Impressions

As part of my ongoing look at Ubuntu 20.10 and all of it’s flavours we now have Lubuntu. If you would like to see what I thought of the other flavours click here for Ubuntu, here for Budgie, here for MATE and here for Xubuntu. Lubuntu is one of the more lighter weight flavours that Ubuntu offers and features the LXQt desktop. Lubuntu historically used to ship with LXDE but made the switch to LXQt for the first time during their 18.10 release.

The ISO size of Lubuntu 20.10 at the time of recording was about 1.8GB making it almost the smallest Ubuntu has to offer if it wasn’t for Xubuntu weighing in at 1.7GB. Installation differs slightly from some of the other flavours of Ubuntu as it uses the Calamares installer. Installation was complete in under 5 minutes on my machine.

On first impressions I think Lubuntu 20.10 is a decent little performer albeit with a few rough edges here and there that still need to be ironed out. As time goes on and the work on LXQt on Lubuntu progresses the decision for switching to a newer desktop environment will hopefully be proven to be the right move. What do you think of Lubuntu 20.10? Let me know in the comments below!

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