Xubuntu 20.10 | Setting Up and First Impressions

Continuing on my marathon run through the Ubuntu 20.10 betas we now have one of their more lighter weight offerings, Xubuntu. To see what I thought of the standard edition of Ubuntu 20.10 click here, for Budgie click here and for MATE click here. Xubuntu is a flavour of Ubuntu that ships with the XFCE desktop. Like all of the other flavours of Ubuntu 20.10 it ships with the Linux Kernel 5.8. At the time of writing the ISO size for this beta is around 1.7GB making it the smallest that Ubuntu has to offer. Installation was quick and easy however unlike Ubuntu and some of it’s other flavours it lacks the option of a minimal install. In the video I below i run through the installation process and give a general overview of the desktop.

As you can see it ships with a simple, sleek and usable implementation of the XFCE desktop that should even feel familiar to people more used to the Windows desktop workflow. One of the great things about the XFCE desktop though is how far you can go with your own customisations and tweaks. I opted to install a dock at the bottom, change the icon theme , add a global menu and installed my favourite application launcher Albert.

Overall I think this is a brilliant flavour of the Ubuntu catalogue especially if you have slightly lower end hardware and want a snappy and stable desktop. What do you think of Xubuntu 20.10? Let me know in the comments below!

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