Enso OS 0.4 | A Beautiful XFCE Desktop

A little while ago I tested out the Ubuntu based distribution Enso OS. I really enjoyed my time with it and especially appreciated the way they had implemented the XFCE desktop along with Gala. Unfortunately I encountered quite a few issues during my time with it that which took away from the overall very polished experience. It that time it was on version 0.3 ‘Dancing Daisy’ and was still using Ubuntu 18.04 as it’s base. I came away from it thinking it’s a pretty OS with a lot of potential that I will revisit when a new version is released. Well that time has just come.

The new version 0.4 ‘Singing Sunflower’ improves upon the old version and uses Ubuntu 20.04 as it’s base. They’ve made improvements to the desktop and the application called AppHive. They’ve also finally shipped a nice dark theme which these days is now an essential feature for any desktop. It still has some ways to go before it’s daily driver ready but the potential is there for this attractive little distribution.Learn more about the new features of this release here. What do you think of Enso OS? Let me know in the comments below.

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