GNOME OS | Running On Real Hardware

GNOME OS has been working on a image of the GNOME desktop for “testing” purposes for a little while now. As of late it has progressed somewhat and images are currently available to test using virtual machines. It’s recommended to test using Gnome-Boxes. I decided to try it out for myself running on native hardware. Now it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t as it stands intended to be a “daily driver” distribution that average users use on their desktops. With that being said what you get from GNOME OS is GNOME in it’s purest form. This is GNOME as the developers intended it to be. There is no package manager instead software applications are distributed by flatpaks. It comes with the flathub repository installed and enabled out of the box.

It uses Wayland and utilises OSTree for atomic upgrades. Thought it’s only intended as a “testing distribution” it’s mere existence makes a fully fledged GNOME OS feel a little less of a pipe dream.

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