Manjaro 20.1 Mikah | XFCE

As part of my video series on the latest stable releases from Manjaro we have their flagship version XFCE. I’ve already covered their KDE and GNOME versions which you might want to check out too. Their XFCE version ships with XFCE 4.14 and most of the work in this update has been tidying the user experience by improving the desktop and window manager. They have switched default themes to “Matcha” which nicely compliments the overall look and feel. A new feature that has been implemented is Display-Profiles which makes managing your display configuration a lot easier. To read more about the new features of this version of Manjaro you can read the release announcement here.

Overall I’m very impressed with their XFCE desktop. Installation is extremely fast and straight forward thanks to the Calamares installer. The Manjaro team have made sure everything works out of the box. I was hard pressed to find a single thing that didn’t look like it belongs. It doesn’t feel like an amalgamation of different pieces from different desktops but rather blends together as one piece. The theming is pleasant to look at and I’m a fan of the icon pack they use which is Papirus. If you’re someone who likes the idea of Arch Linux but the installation process puts you off you should definitely consider using Manjaro.

What do you think of Manjaro 20.1? Let me know in the comments below!

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