HefftorLinux | Stylish and Polished XFCE

HefftorLinux is a spin off of ArcoLinux which is distribution based on Arch. HefftorLinux is designed with style and stability in mind. They have a number of different desktop versions available for download but their #1 desktop is currently XFCE which this video takes a look at. On first impressions this is one of the more polished XFCE desktops around and looks beautiful out of the box. It uses the Calamares installer and gives the user a lot of control over which kernels and additional packages a user might want during the installation. Installation was very quick and finished in just under 5 minutes. Once I booted into the installed system everything felt fast and snappy and I didn’t experience any crashes or issues. Hibernation worked out of the box and I wasn’t waiting around for it to take effect. All in all this is a distribution I’ll be keeping an eye on moving forward.

If you would like to check out HefftorLinux for yourself visit their website here. What do you think of HefftorLinux? Let me know in the comments below!

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