Checking Out Lomiri Desktop

Back in the Unity days of Ubuntu the idea of convergence was something that really excited me. The desktop that was going to be the platform to enable cross device convergence was going to be Unity8. Unfortunately for me and many others out there that idea was dropped and Ubuntu moved away from Unity entirely. Leaving Unity8 in a somewhat dormant state. Some time went by and it seemed like the future of Unity8 was pretty much null and void. Then a team called Ubports picked up where Ubuntu left off and continued working on the project. They brought us Ubuntu Touch for mobile devices such as the PinePhone and have been doing brilliant work ever since. Today I was notified of a tweet from the Ubuntu Unity Remix twitter account that really excited me! They announced the availability of a very experimental build of Ubuntu 18.04 featuring the Unity8 desktop which is now re branded as Lomiri.

I managed to have a little play around with it on a live USB as it currently can’t be installed to disk. Overall i’m overjoyed with the potential of this desktop and would even consider switching back to Ubuntu if a stable release became available. What do you think of the potential of the Lomiri desktop? Let me know in the comments below!

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