MX Linux KDE Edition!

MX Linux make one of the best midweight distributions around which features the XFCE desktop by default. I was pleasantly surprised to see they are working on an edition that features the KDE Plasma desktop! It’s currently in beta but I couldn’t help myself from taking a look as KDE has become my favourite desktop as of late. I’m also a big fan of MX Linux and how they make simple to use stable distribution that is enjoyed by many Linux users. Combining KDE with MX Linux is a brilliant move and something I’ll be keeping a close eye on as it approaches it’s final release. If you would like to read the nest post where MX Linux announces the availability of this new beta click here. If you would like to download the MX Linux KDE beta click here.

Loyal users of their default XFCE offering need not worry that this will be replacing XFCE as it’s flagship desktop. It’s been confirmed that XFCE will remain the flagship desktop of choice for MX Linux. Are you excited about this new edition of MX Linux featuring the KDE Plasma desktop? Let me know in the comments below.

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