Tails OS 4.8 | The Amnesic Incognito Distro

Tails is a “Amnesic” Linux distribution which is designed to keep your privacy intact. It’s just had a new release bringing it to version 4.8. Tails is intended to be installed on to a USB device making it fully portable. It uses the Tor the network to help keep yourself protected from tracking and surveillance. In the video below I’ve installed it to a spare USB device and enabled persistent storage. With persistent storage you are able to save data onto the USB itself as well as enable additional software to be applied across reboots.

As you can see it’s an interesting little setup! It uses the GNOME desktop environment and comes preinstalled with fair few applications that should more than enough for this kind of distribution. I’ll be keeping this USB in my rucksack which will be handy when I’m out and about using public WIFI and other situations like that. What do you think of Tails 4.8? Let me know in the comments below!

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