openSUSE 15.2 Leap Has Just Been Released

openSUSE have just released their latest version of Leap bringing them to version number 15.2. Unlike their rolling release version, Tumbleweed Leap follows a more stable regular release model. Some of the new features of this release include an update to the Linux kernel which is now version 5.3. There has been some new improvements to the openSUSE configuration tool YaST. Desktop environments have got a bump up to new version including XFCE which is now version 4.14, KDE Plasma has been updated to 15.8 and finally GNOME is now version 3.34. There is a whole host of other new features and updates included in this release that you can read more about here. If you would like to download Leap 15.2 and try it yourself click here.

I’ll be doing a full review of Leap 15.2 over the next few days! What do you think of this release so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “openSUSE 15.2 Leap Has Just Been Released

  • 9 August 2020 at 5:34 pm

    I have been into Linux since Mandrake Linux came in Cd’s. Knowing just a little about basic scripting and coding, I prefer to avoid most of it but like some basic Konsole stuff. Your You tube broadcasts are helpful AND free of bias which Just great and like a breath of fresh air. Although biased towards Opensuse KDE myself, I have given Mint and Ubuntu and others a good try. However I have returned to Opensuse.
    Merely going through the configuring operations a little slower would, I think, help others like myself. Even so I enjoy watching your videos over again too. An expanded, written follow -on would be of great help.
    This is of importance because many may be looking to dump Windows now. Many Thanks.

    • 9 August 2020 at 5:40 pm

      Hello there (:

      Glad you enjoy the videos. Did you see my follow up video review of openSUSE? I agree openSUSE is a brilliant distro. I’m currently testing Tumbleweed as we speak. Once I’ve finished I’ll write an article up about both Leap & Tumbleweed. Personally I think I prefer Tumbleweed so far but that’s because I like the rolling release model!


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