Average Linux User Podcast! #1

This is the first introductory episode of a new weekly podcast aimed towards average Linux users. It will be hosted by me and a good friend of the channel called Zero. We will discuss everything Linux including the latest news, software releases and everything in between. This episodes main topics are the recent decision by Linux Mint to disable snapd in their upcoming 20 release and Ubuntu Studios switch to KDE. We also just have a general chat about different Linux distributions and the Linux community as a whole!

This is the first episode so expect it to be a little bit rough around the edges while we find our feet but overall I’m very excited about where this podcast could lead. In future episodes we may invite the odd guest here and there from the Linux world as things progress. I will also be getting this available as just a pure audio podcast so you listen to them from your preferred podcast applications while you’re out and about!

If there is anything you would like is to cover in future episodes or any questions you might have join the Discord server which is linked below. I’ll be making some new overlays ready for the next episode to make the viewing side of this podcast easier on the eyes. If anyone would like to help out in any way then feel free to send me a message or email.  

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3 thoughts on “Average Linux User Podcast! #1

  • 24 June 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Great idea for a podcast. I might suggest to keep the video side of things going, even if it’s just two heads talking on screen and Tyler showing some website with related content. I feel this podcast will be for me as I really am a *very* average linux user. Cheers mates!

    • 24 June 2020 at 5:39 pm

      The video aspect will be the main driver of the podcast. Will play around with different ways to display it until I’ve got it just right. Will also be getting in just audio version too (:

  • 26 June 2020 at 12:31 am

    Hi Tyler

    I really like the idea of the new conversational podcast you’re doing, I think there should be more of them like this, because generally, its a lot more interesting to hear comments from other Linux users, rather than just listening to non stop reviews of new distros. Distro reviews are important, but I really do feel that there are far too many of them.

    I was wondering if you would like to join us in the Jupiter Broadcasting LUG, which happens after the
    Linux Unplugged show, on Sundays in Mumble, there, we were chatting last time, about doing a small
    audience conversation only podcast, no special production work, just a warts and all recording of topical conversation. It would be nice to grow this LUG in numbers, I’ve always thought that it has the potential, to become a daily stop off point for people to discuss generally, and try to solve any problems users might be having, plus it would be a great promotion for Linux uptake.

    Mumble details are as follows, should you like to join us: Address: mumble.jupiterbroadcasting.org
    Port: 64734 Label: Jupiter Broadcasting Time: Sundays @ 20:00 GMT and after Linux Unplugged on Tuesdays @ 20:00 GMT.

    My user name is Jet, I’m a Brit like you, and I think you’d be a great addition to the LUG, please come and see us, we’d love to chat with you, its a really friendly group with a lot of knowledge between the members. If you pay us a visit use a name I can recognise you by, and don’t hesitate to pass on the Mumble details to other people, like your co-presenter in Tyler’s Techcast .

    best wishes,

    Peter Newton [London UK]


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