Bluestar Linux | An Interesting Take On KDE

Bluestar Linux is an Arch based Linux distribution that uses KDE as it’s desktop environment. Straight away you’ll notice there have been a few changes here and there to the default look and feel of KDE out of the box. It comes installed with a large suite of applications including Octopi which is a GUI for managing packages.

As you can see in the video I felt there is a lot of potential for this distribution but there are a few areas where it needs improvement. It could do with a lot of debloating and taking away applications that perform the same functions as each other. Doing this would also help in slimming down the distribution and free up a little bit of extra memory as it’s not the lightest KDE implementation as far as RAM is concerned. Overall though I think it’s an interesting take on KDE which a lot of users will enjoy using. It’s built on top of Arch Linux which means you’ll always have the very latest versions of applications as soon as they become available. If you would like to try out Bluestar Linux yourself click here to download the latest ISO available.

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