Arch Linux | My KDE Workflow

For the past few days I’ve been putting Arch Linux through a trial run to see if it would be suitable for me to use as a my daily driver.  I’ve always been an Ubuntu or Debian user despite hopping around different distributions for my YouTube channel. I have been considering a change in distributions for quite some time now and have finally took the plunge.

The way I’ve set my desktop up is a mixture of tiling windows and a fully fledged KDE setup. I’ve used tiling WMs in the past and have always enjoyed how efficient they are. There are just some newer features that they don’t offer that a full desktop environment does and I’ve grown quite accustomed to them. So I’ve gone for a best of both worlds solution and have implemented a Kwin script called kröhnkite that brings tiling windows to KDE! I’ve combined this with a latte dock at the bottom for launching and minimising my applications and have a panel at the top for my application launcher, global menu, virtual desktops and system indicators.

I’m very happy with how this all looks and feels and can see myself tweaking it more in the future to get the most out of it. I’ve also installed the same setup on my laptop with the exclusion of a few programs like Kdenlive as I tend to edit most of my videos on my desktop. I’ve gone for a very simple backup process using Deja-Dup which backs up my /home partition to a separate hard drive. Using SFTP I also backup my laptops /home partition to the same drive to avoid any potential loses of data!

What do you think of how I’ve approached my Linux desktop? Do you use something similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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