Linux Mint 20 MATE | First Impressions

Continuing with the first looks of the Linux Mint 20 Beta’s we now have the MATE edition. It includes most of the new features you’ll find in the Cinnamon version apart from any features that are Cinnamon specific. In this video I take a quick look at the overall desktop set up and included applications. I also managed to test out the Warpinator program that allows you to share files between other computers running Warpinator over the local network. I also go through the packages that are included out of the box and set the desktop up in my preferred layout.

I think the Mint team have done a great job here keeping a refined and similar look and feel across all of their different desktop environments that they offer. If you would like to check out what their flagship Cinnamon version is like you can watch this video here. To read a bit more about what new features are included in these latest version of Mint click here.

I’m very impressed with this edition of Linux Mint and look forward to giving it full review when it gets it’s final release. If you would like to download the beta versions and take a look for yourself you can grab all 3 desktop versions from here. What do you think of Linux Mint 20 MATE from the beta so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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