The Distro Spinner #8 | Finally!

The Distro Spinner is back with a new episode! If you’re unfamiliar with the concept it’s pretty simple. On this page there is a ‘wheel of fortune’ kind of wheel comprised of different Linux distributions and other operating systems chosen by you. Viewers of the Tyler’s Tech YouTube channel put forward suggestions of distributions and operating systems to go on the wheel. Each week I spin the wheel and no matter what it lands on I have to use that distribution or operating system for 7 days. Once that 7 days is up I’ll upload a full review about my time spent with it throughout the week. We have a few new additions that have made it on the wheel this week including Redcore Linux, Enso OS, KDE Neon and Samsung Dex.

If you would like to get your suggestions on the wheel leave them in a comment below or better yet join the Discord server here and leave them in there (:

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