New Community Version Of Manjaro!

Manjaro have just teased us all with a new community edition of their Linux distribution. It’s called WebDad and features a new desktop environment called ‘JustAnotherDesktopEnvironment’ or ‘Jade’ for short. I must admit the shorthand version is a lot more catchy. It’s currently in the ‘unstable’ phase but you can download an ISO of this new distribution right now! Click here to try it yourself.

I jumped at the chance to check it out as soon as it became available. You can watch the video below to get a first look at Manjaro Webdad. As it is a currently unstable ISO release some things didn’t behave quite how I would have hoped but that is to be expected during the birth of a new desktop.

I personally think this is a simple but beautiful Linux desktop and I’m very excited about where it goes! What do you think of this new community edition of Manjaro Linux? Let me know in the comments below!

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