Fedora 32 Silverblue

Fedora Silverblue isn’t your traditional Linux distribution. It aims to make the Linux desktop easier by doing away with some of the creature comforts a lot of us Linux users have grown accustomed to. With Silverblue there is no standard package manager so to speak. Instead, it embraces flatpaks and puts them front and center as an integral part of the system. If you wanted to install an application that isn’t already distributed in the flatpak format you will need to use the rpm-ostree install command to add them to the base OS. Though this isn’t encouraged and should only be used when there is no other option. The reason for this is because the OS image will need to be rebuilt and your package won’t appear until you have rebooted into the new image. Silverblue is an immutable operating system with some pundits claiming this new way of doing things is the future of the desktop OS.  In the video below I take a look at the latest version, Fedora Silverblue 32.

Make sure you check back in a few days for the full review of Fedora Silverblue 32. I’ll be trying to answer whether I think this is the future of desktop operating systems!

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