GhostBSD 20.04.1 | My Secondary Daily Driver

GhostBSD recently released their latest version 20.04.1 It features the MATE desktop environment as it’s default offering and has most of the packages you will need out of the box. I’ve been meaning to use BSD more but other things have kept coming up and I’ve not managed to get round to it. So today what I’ve done is installed it natively on my main desktop computer on it’s own disk where it will stay for the foreseeable future. With the help from a little tool called Homura I’ve been able to fill in the gaps of packages I use on a regular basis that BSD doesn’t offer natively. Homura is a ‘Windows Game Launcher’ that allows you to install Steam and some of the other popular game launchers. Aside from the game launchers it also offers an easy way to install the Windows desktop client for Discord which is pretty much essential for me on any operating system. Now that I’ve got all of that setup I will be doing future videos on GhostBSD where I test out it’s gaming capabilities.

I’ve you have never tried any of the BSD’s I strongly recommend giving GhostBSD a try. It’s available as a live ISO so you can test out some of your hardware’s support before committing to clicking install. I’ll be keeping GhostBSD on my main computer along side my Linux distribution of choice as I’m a big fan of being able to choose a different operating system depending on my mood. Some of the included programs out of the box are Firefox,Thunderbird,Telegram etc so you should it should all feel familiar. You also get a rather nice implementation of the MATE desktop as standard and it’s very light on resources.

Keep an eye peeled for future videos on GhostBSD and if you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel already, what are you waiting for ? 😉

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