Kubuntu Focus | Unboxing and First Impressions

The Kubuntu Focus laptop is a device designed specifically for Linux and ships pre installed with Kubuntu and uses a modified version of the KDE desktop environment. Pricing starts at 1795 dollars but can be maxed out towards the 6 thousand mark! I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a a review unit and have just filmed the first of 2 videos. In the video below I unbox the machine and give some general first impressions and observations ahead of a full review.
My general first impressions of the hardware are brilliant. It’s a well built machine that doesn’t feel like it’s cut too many corners though the next 7 days might reveal some shortcomings I haven’t noticed just yet. Where I think I may struggle is with the software and the way KDE has been setup to use out of the box. This is a Linux machine after all though so if I really struggle getting used to it the ability to customise and tweak it to my desire is there. However I’m going to endeavour to use it the way the Kubuntu Focus team has intended it to be used for the whole week so let’s see how it goes!
The machine I’ve been sent has been kitted out with 32GB ram, an i7 9750H and an RTX 2060. I’ll be spending a week with this device and during that week I’ll be putting this laptop through it’s paces. I’ll be using it as my primary computing device then giving a real world review at the end of that week. I’m reviewing it this way to give a real life representation of what this device is like to use as a daily driver. I’ll be sticking to the default setup in the way the desktop workflow has been setup too. So keep your eyes peeled for the full review and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet click here to head over to the channel and click that subscribe button! If you would like to check out more about this laptop in the meantime head over to the Kubuntu Focus website here.
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