Fedora 32 KDE Plasma | Installation and First Impressions

The Linux distribution releases just keep coming! Fedora has also released version 32 of their Linux distribution. Their default version uses the GNOME desktop environment and version 32 ships with the latest version which is 3.36. All of their spins have also been updated to version 32 bringing with them the latest open source software available. Some of these updates include EarlyOOM which is enabled by default as well as updating some of the programming languages and system library packages. You can read the full release notes by clicking here.
In the video below I take a quick look at Fedora 32 KDE which ships with the latest version of the KDE Plasma desktop, 5.18. I run through the installation process on my main laptop and give an overview of the desktop setup and package selection. I also install some packages that I use most regularly for content creation on Tyler’s Tech YouTube channel.
 Overall i’m very satisfied with this release of Fedora KDE Plasma and over the next few days will be doing a series of real world tests. The aim of these tests will be to see if Fedora 32 KDE will be a suitable daily driver for my laptop. The only thing that I’m slightly concerned about so far is the rather high RAM usage. Considering the progress that has been made in lowering the overall memory consumption in KDE this is something I’ll need to investigate. Have you checked out any of the Fedora 32 releases yet? Let me know in the comments below!
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