Manjaro 20.0 Openbox

It’s been a busy month for April in terms of Linux distribution releases! Another new update entering the fold before the month is finished is Manjaro’s move to version 20.0. XFCE remains their flagship offering but their other two official versions, KDE and GNOME have also got some decent updates themselves. If you would like to read the release announcements to find out what this new version brings with it click here. I’ll be doing my best to take a look at all of Manjaro’s offerings but in the video below I start with one of their community editions, Openbox.
Overall my first impressions of this release are mainly positive. I like the way they have implemented the Polybar and tint2 panel as well as just the overall desktop setup. I’m also a big fan of the default keyboard shortcuts making it easier for system navigation. I do however think the settings packages are a little bit all over the place and could do with tidying up a little. What do you think of this release and Manjaro 20.0 Lysia in general? Let me know in the comments below!
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