UbuntuDDE | A very Attractive Ubuntu Remix!

Here we have yet another Ubuntu Remix but this time it packages the Deepin desktop environment! I’ve kept my ear to the ground on the latest Ubuntu Remixes that are currently coming out and by my calculations this is the third one of note that i’ve seen pop up in my news feeds. The other two being Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix and Ubuntu Lumina Remix. This one however, might just steal the show for me! Take a look at my video below where I do a run through of the installation process and the desktop as a whole.
The more I use the Deepin desktop environment the more I fall in love with it. As I’m quite a die hard Ubuntu fan the fact that is what this Remix is based puts the icing on the cake. This is still in the beta phase but I do believe they are aiming to get the final release out in time with the LTS release of Ubuntu 20.04.
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