MakuluLinux 2020 Flash

I get recommended Linux distributions to check out on my YouTube channel a lot. In the past few days one has came up quite a few times from different viewers. That Distribution is MakuluLinux. Before this video i’d never used or even heard of it. As fate would have it MakuluLinux have just released a new version, 2020 Flash. It’s an Ubuntu based distribution that uses quite a modified XFCE desktop environment. It comes with Compiz which you can enable for 3D desktop effects that you might have seen before like the spinning cube to switch workspaces.
As you can see in the video above it comes installed with a lot of different programs and packages out of the box. It also has a feature that changes the wallpaper and theme throughout the day. My first impressions of this distro is that it isn’t quite my cup of tea but I can see why it might suit other users. I personally think it could do with slimming down a little bit and not including some of the programs out of the box. I’m also not the biggest fan of how they have setup the XFCE desktop environment, I prefer a more blank canvas that I can setup and tweak to my needs. Watch the video for a full run through of this distribution and let me know in the comments what you think of MakuluLinux! 
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