Zorin OS Ultimate | First Impressions

Today I used Zorin OS Ultime (15.1) for the first time. I’ve used the basic or ‘core’ version of Zorin before but this is their flagship version that they charge a price for. It cost just short of 40 euros at the time of writing.
The size of the ISO is roughly 2x that if it’s core version coming in at over 4GB. It’s an Ubuntu based distribution and this version features the GNOME desktop environment. Zorin OS Ultimate comes with some handy pre configured desktop lay outs in the ‘Zorin Appearance’ program as well as the theming. Some of the layouts include sets ups to mirror popular operating system layouts like Mac OS and Windows. In the video below you can watch me set up Zorin OS Ultimate and give my first impressions as ahead of my final review.
As you can see in the video it has a rather nice default look and feel and the different desktop lay outs provide a nice way to easily change your workflow. Zorin OS Ultimate includes a lot of extra programs out of the box that you won’t find pre installed in the ‘core’ versions.

My overall first impressions of Zorin OS Ultimate are positive. It has a clean and consistent look out of the box and provides users an easy way to change the desktop layout. It comes with more than enough programs to get you up and running and installing new packages won’t be an issue as it’s based on Ubuntu. I’ll have to wait until I’ve spent some more time with it before I can say whether it justifies the price tag or not though.

 I’m looking forward to reviewing this distribution and will aim to have it out within a few days of this post. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel so you don’t miss out on the full review. Read my blog post about Zorin OS Lite here.
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