Endless OS Isn’t For Me

Today I decided to take a look at Endless OS. I’d heard about the distribution for a while now but figured it wasn’t something that interested me. I was reminded about them again when I came across their selling page that also distributes computers with Endless OS already installed.  On their website it’s described as an easy to use distribution for all the family and point out the similarities between their desktop lay out and a smartphones lay out. With Endless OS your apps are spread across your desktop, much like how iOS does. During my time with it I learnt that Endless OS just isn’t intended to be used for someone like me. If you like more freedom to do as you wish on your operating system and don’t like to jump through hoops to get things set up how you like them avoid Endless OS. 
Watch the video below where I discuss who I think this distribution is intended for and take a look around the desktop.
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