Zorin 15 Lite

Zorin is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that aims to be beginner friendly. They have a few different versions of their operating system available. Today I took a look at the newly released Zorin OS 15 Lite. The iso is roughly 2.2 GB in size. It comes with a nicely themed XFCE desktop environment. The guys over at Zorin OS hope this particular version will breath new life into old computers. For my testing purposes I’ve installed this on an intel based machine with 8GB RAM.
The installation process was a familiar affair using the installer from Ubuntu.

Updates and other software

I went with the manual partitioning and created a small swap partition then a single ext4 partition with the remaining space mounted at /.

Choosing where to install

After that you can choose your location and create your user accounts. Anyone who has installed Ubuntu before will have no issues here and it was completed on my machine in about 15-20 minutes.

After the installation process is finished you are greeted with a pleasant default look and feel. You have a task bar at the bottom with an application launcher to the left and indicators and clock to the right. You can switch between two layouts using Zorin Appearance and change the colours.

The default applications it comes with are Thunar for you file manager, Firefox, LibreOffice Suite, etc. It now also comes baked in with flatpak support and integration straight out the gate as well as Snap support.

The overall look and feel of the distribution is brilliant. The default theme isn’t too far out there and the accent colour picker in Zorin appearance is a welcome addition. I particularly like the Grey one myself. The system has behaved well and has been snappy and responsive. My installation was running 650MB at boot before I went ahead and installed some additional packages after which it increased to 670MB

I think Zorin OS 15 Lite has managed to pull of a rather nice release here. If you have a slightly older computer that is struggling with what you currently have on it why don’t you give this a try? Sure there are other choices that are probably lighter on resources but they don’t all look as nice as Zorin OS Lite does.

For a more in depth look around the Zorin OS 15 Lite desktop watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to Tyler’s Tech on YouTube!

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