GhostBSD with XFCE and GNOME

Continuing in my adventures in the land of BSD I’ve come across GhostBSD. GhostBSD comes with a live graphical installer to make the process of getting up and running with BSD easier. Described as a ‘user-friendly operating system, based on the legendary security and stability of the FreeBSD operating system.’ I thought it would be the best BSD to try since my first time using FreeBSD which you can watch here.
You can download the iso for yourself from their website here. They have iso images available with either XFCE or Mate installed out of the box. For this video I have gone with the XFCE iso image and also installed the GNOME desktop environment myself post installation.
All in all another impressive showing from the BSD world although my particular laptops touchpad doesn’t seem to be compatible with BSD by default. I’ll look into that the next time I play around with GhostBSD on that particular laptop. 
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