FreeBSD 7 Day Challenge


I’ve always used Linux for as long as I can remember and only knew BSD by name and some minor experience with it running the server operating system on a NAS. I knew it was capable of being a desktop operating system for a laptop or computer but I had never given it a go. Until a little while ago when I tried it for the very first time and was pleasantly surprised with what it found myself using. You can watch a video of my first time experience below ;
This led me to begin a 7 day challenge where I use FreeBSD as my daily driver. That means everything I would usually use Linux for will now be handled by FreeBSD for one week. The first video of that challenge you can watch below where I set up my environment and packages for the 7 days;
As you can see the first day went well. The third day into this challenge provided me with a couple of issues that I didn’t anticipate but i’m sure i’ll overcome them by the end of the challenge. You can watch that video below too ;
Okay I am now officially finished with the FreeBSD 7 Day challenge. Some take away thoughts from this process are summarised in the video below. Thanks for sticking with me up until now it’s been a fun journey and keep an eye on the channel for more FreeBSD content soon!

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