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Ubuntu and all it’s flavours have now entered the beta phase before the final releases arrives on the 22nd of April 2021. As far as new features on their main Ubuntu release there isn’t heaps of new features to sink our teeth into. This doesn’t appear to be the case for all of their other flavours though. My favourite out of all the Ubuntu flavours is Ubuntu Budgie which looks like it’s been treated to quite a few new features and improvements in this release.

Some of the main features of Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 are a new version of Budgie itself now shipping with version v10.5.2. Ubuntu Budgie also comes with a refreshed look and feel to the desktop and uses a dark theme variation by default coupled with an improved look to the Pocillo icons. Sticking on the look and feel side of things they also now ship a new theme which can easily be acitivated with a couple clicks called whiteSur which is a MacOS inspired theme. Windows shuffler now includes a new feature that will make people that uses multiple monitors happy. Windows Shuffler now enables you to with the ‘click of a button to move/launch/run windows and apps across multiple monitors in whatever desktop layout you want.’ Ubuntu Budgie now has a couple more applets and mini apps you can use such as the ‘budgie-clipboard-applet’. As well as everything mentioned above another notable new arrivial in this release is Ubuntu Budgie on the Raspberry Pi 4!

In the video below I install the latest beta ISO which weighs in at around 2.6GB and take a look around at the desktop and some of the new features. As with all versions of Ubuntu installation was quick and pain free and was completed in under 5 minutes on my machine.

If you would like to read more about Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 click here to read the release notes.

All in all i’m very happy with this latest release of Ubuntu Budgie. I’ve long been a fan of Budgie and Ubuntu and I really like what the team has been doing with Budgie as the desktop matures. I usually always find myself settling on the Unity inspired desktop layout ‘The One’ but there is more than enough here to fit most peoples workflows!

What do you think of Ubuntu Budgie 21.04? Is it your favourite flavour of Ubuntu or are you more excited for one of their many other flavours? Let me know in the comments below!

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