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MakuluLinux Lindoz is a Linux distribution that has just released a new version in February 2021. It’s based on Ubuntu and is one of those distributions that ships with a Windows like fit and finish. Although they make a note of pointing out on their website that they are trying to move away from being just another Windows clone. While these aren’t the usual distributions I personally find exciting I understand there are users out there coming from Windows and would feel more at home in something that closely resembles it.

I downloaded their complete build ISO which is 3.2GB but they offer a lighter  barebones version which is 2GB in size. Once you boot into the live environment and start the installer it will first prompt you to choose a closer mirror to you. After that you can start the installer. It uses Calamares for the installation which was quick and easy and finished in 5-10 minutes. One complaint I have about the installation process is that you can’t choose how to assign the swap partition without going into manually creating the partitions yourself. This means it will decide on how large to create a swap partition for you based on how much RAM is in your system. I have 32GB RAM on this particular system so it created me a swap partition of 34.5GB.

Once you boot from disk for the first time you will be greeted with the MukuluLinux Setup tool which will guide you through some first steps to get you up and running. Some of these steps include setting your firewall, creating a snapshot using Timeshift and updating your system. This should make it easy for a first time Linux user to setup their desktop while having a snapshot to restore in case any issues occur. 

The desktop environment MakuluLinux Lindoz uses is Cinnamon and comes with 3 Windows-esque themes installed out of the box. Changing themes is as easy as going into the settings and selecting themes. While these aren’t themes I would use myself I think they do a good job at bringing that Windows look and feel to a Linux desktop.

The complete build ISO that I used comes installed with a healthy amount of applications that should be enough for most users to start off with. Some of these applications include;

  • Google Chrome 
  • WPS Office
  • Steam
  • Geforce Now
  • Warpinator
  • Play On Linux
  • MyPaint 

For installing new packages you have a couple of options. It comes with Snap and Flatpak support out of the box and you can install new applications with Gnome Software or Synaptic.

Full hibernation worked for my machine out of the box which is something I always like to test out as I rely on it a lot on my own machines. On a fresh boot I was using just under 900MB of RAM. It is by no means a lightweight distro but you may have better luck using their Barebones build if this is something that concerns you.

Overall while this isn’t a distribution for me I do think there are some users out there that would appreciate this approach. Plus anything that gets a new user to try Windows to Linux for the first time can’t be a bad thing.

What do you think of MakuluLinux? Let me know in the comments below!

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