RebornOS XFCE 4.16 | A Clean Arch Based Distro

RebornOS is an Arch based distribution that has just released an updated ISO on the 27th of December. What I like the most about RebornOS is the installation process. Instead of having multiple ISOs with different desktop environments they have taken a more unique approach to include multiple desktop choices from one ISO. There is also a ‘Feature Selection’ section in the installer where you can choose some additional packages to be included in your installation. No matter which desktop you choose you’re going to get a fully up to date version of it all setup with everything working out of the box.

This marks the second time RebornOS has appeared on the Tyler’s Tech YouTube channel. This time I decided to install it with the XFCE desktop environment. Which itself has just released a new version bringing them up to version 4.16. If you would like to read about some of the new features of XFCE 4.16 click here. For the most part this installation doesn’t differ too much from a stock experience when installing XFCE with vanilla Arch. If you are looking to test our XFCE 4.16 yourself but don’t fancy installing Arch I would actually recommend using RebornOS or even EndeavourOS.

What do you think of RebornOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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