Q4OS | A Lightweight Desktop With A Windows Look And Feel

Q4OS have just released a new update to their Debian based Linux distribution bringing them up to version 3.13. Which is now based on Debian Buster 10.7 Q4OS aim to provide users a lightweight operating system that is fast, stable and easy to use. They offer 2 desktop versions to chose from which are KDE Plasma and the Trinity Desktop. The Trinity desktop environment itself being a fork of an older version of KDE from around the 3.5 version era.

It’s the Trinity version I was the most interested in checking out again as the first time I used it I felt a little lost. The ISO weighed in at just under 700MB and uses the Calamares installer. After the initial installation it has some final setup steps to do before you’re planted at the desktop.

You will instantly be reminded of the old Windows XP days in the way the desktop has been styled. Even down to the application launcher which is almost a like for like copy of the Start menu from Windows XP. Users should find that most of the application they will need to get up and running are installed out of the box. Some of these applications include ;

  • Google Chrome
  • LibreOffice
  • Amarok
  • VLC
  • Synaptic

All in all it felt incredibly snappy and responsive during my time with it. Though I’m not a huge fan of the look and feel I do think certain users who like the old classic XP vibe will really enjoy it. The Trinity desktop is very light and RAM usage didn’t exceed 500MB on a fresh boot. The only thing that didn’t quite work as expected was hibernation despite the default installation making a swap partition that would be large enough for such a function.

What do you think of Q4OS? Let me know in the comments below!

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