MicroOS | An Immutable OS From openSUSE

MicroOS is an immutable operating system from openSUSE. It aims to be a predictable operating system that features Atomic Updates. It utilises BTRFS to enable easy rollbacks to previous states your system was in. Most of your applications will be installed using flatpaks but you can add traditional packages from openSUSE by using transactional updates. There is currently 2 desktops available from the installer being GNOME or KDE. The installation was fast and was complete in under 5 minutes. When you’re planted at the desktop you’ll notice a very minimal installation with only the very bare minimum of applications installed. One thing I was a little surprised about was the lack of a web browser.

In the video above I opt to install KDE Plasma which at the time of writing was version 5.20 if you would like to see some of the best features of 5.20 click here. I installed some flatpack applications using the Plasma Discover store from the flathub repository. I also applied some themes and icons to tweak the desktop to my liking using transactional-update as well as testing the rollback features using BTRFS.

Overall all I’m pretty impressed with MicroOS but I don’t think it’s quite ready yet to be a drop in replacement daily driver for most users. What do you think of MicroOS? Let me know in the comments below.

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