Garuda Linux | The Ultimate LXQt Experience

Garuda Linux is an Arch based distribution that focuses on performance and ease of use. They have a number of different desktop versions available in “ultimate” or “lite” editions. They all use Btrfs as the default file system which allows for easy system snapshots along with Timeshift. Garuda Linux uses the Zen kernel out of the box for all the versions that it offers. In this video I look at the Ultimate LXQt edition and give some general first impressions on the out of the box experience this desktop has to offer.

As you can see in the video it’s a very interesting implementation of LXQt coupled with Kwin. Aside from the odd issue here and there (mainly to do with authentication errors) I think they’ve done a reasonably good job at configuring LXQt. It has been configured in such a way that it feels fresh and fun to use and I especially like the inclusion of Kröhnkite which allows tiling windows. If you would like to try Garuda and one of their many versions out for your self click here. What did you think of Garuda Linux? Let me know in the comments below!

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