instantOS | Super Fast And Lightweight Distro

InstantOS is a relatively new distribution that is currently in the beta stage of its development. It’s based on Arch and uses it what it calls instantWM as it’s window manager. It targets power users who want a fast and flexible desktop experience out of the box. It’s lightweight and on the instantOS website it states it can idle at under 200MB of RAM. During my time with it I was getting around an average 350MB RAM at boot which isn’t too bad going. The ISO weighed in at around 1.3GB and it uses it’s own installer which takes a unique approach to get you up and running. All in all the installation process took around 10 minutes.

As you can see in the video above I was very impressed with my initial look at instantOS. It’s a very snappy little distribution with a very polished look and feel! InstantOS states it isn’t a suckless distribution though some of it’s features did start out as suckless forks. InstantOS wants to head in a different direction to suckless for instance “programs that are under 40kb should not put storage at such a high priority. Stability, features and speed are more important”. If you would like to learn more about instantOS click here. What do you think of instantOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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